My legs hurt when I walk, Could it be P.A.D.?

When a patient comes into my office and complain that their legs hurt when they walk, it may not always be related to the muscles or bones. It may be peripheral artery disease or P.A.D. At Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care, we are highly trained, caring professionals. In addition to the usual problems that present to us such as fungal nails and heel pain, PAD is becoming prevalent in our community. Whether you are suffering from PAD, fungus toenails or heel pain, Dr. Bass will treat you with courtesy and compassion.

Let’s talk a little more about PAD. PAD is a condition where fatty deposits build up in the inner linings of the arteries, restricting blood flow to areas of the body such as the legs and feet. It affects 8-12 million people in the U.S. People who are over the age of 50 and suffer from diabetes are at greater risk. These patients are also at a higher risk of other cardiovascular diseases. Most cases of PAD go undetected. One of the signs of PAD is claudication or pain in the legs while walking that stops when resting. Some other signs are fatigue, dull ache, shuffling while walking, slow-healing wounds, pain in legs even while resting and genital pain. Let Dr. Bass help make the proper diagnosis.

Located on Craig road in Manalapan, Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care also has the latest diagnostic equipment, the PADnetR unit for diagnosis of PAD. With daytime and evening hours, we are able to accommodate all patients needs

By: Alan Bass, DPM