My heel hurts! Is a podiatrist the right person to treat it?

Whenever a new patient comes into the office, they almost constantly say “I was not sure if I should have seen a podiatrist or someone else”. Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care is the place to go for all your foot and ankle care. There are many problems that people will come into us with. Whether you are suffering from fungal toenails, heel pain, plantar warts or any other problem, Dr. Bass is the right person for the job!

Let’s talk about just some of the things that we treat in our office; heel pain. As adults it is common to suffer from this condition. Also know as plantar fasciitis, this is an inflammation of the muscle band that runs along the bottom of our foot, connecting the heel to the ball of the foot. Inflammation of this band can be quite painful, even debilitating. With quick, proper treatment the symptoms and the underlying cause can be addressed. Initial treatment for heel pain is usually done with the use of cortisone injections, strappings and possibly night splints. The long term treatment for this is usually done with orthotics. Oral anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin, Advil or Aleve can also be used. For very painful or long-standing pain, physical therapy or the use of shockwave treatment can also be used. If surgery is ultimately needed, the doctors can provide that care as well

Kids also suffer from heel pain. If your child plays sports such as soccer, baseball, football, gymnastics or anything that has them on their feet, they too can suffer from heel pain. Let the doctors at Affiliated make the proper diagnosis

Located conveniently in Manalapan, NJ, Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care also has the latest diagnostic equipment for the treatment of heel pain from digital x-ray equipment to diagnostic ultrasound. With daytime and evening hours, we are able to accommodate all patients from pediatrics to geriatrics.