Itchy Winter Feet

You know that annoying feeling when your feet itch in the middle of a long day? When you have to power through the rest of your work that day just so you can get home to take your shoes off and feel better? That constant annoying itchy feeling is not as serious as you may think. While it is normally caused by a fungus, it can be easily treated.

The first culprit of itchy feet is allergies. If you have any known allergies, check to make sure that nothing around you is an allergen that causes your feet to itch. It may be lurking in the materials in your socks or shoes. Another place to look is the ingredients list on your laundry detergent.

Infections can also cause this annoying itch. If there are cuts or scrapes on your foot it could have easily gotten infected. You should check your feet daily to avoid having to deal with more severe problems later! If you do see signs of an infection please call Dr. Bass for treatment.

Lastly, sweaty feet can contribute to the itch. Fungus likes to live in hot, wet, moist places. If your feet sweat, that means they’re the perfect breeding ground! There are many places on your body that are like that, especially between the toes. Depending on how severe the fungal infection is, treatments can range from oral medications to topical ones.

These are just some of the causes itchy feet. If you’re concerned about your foot and ankle health, there are many things that Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care in Manalapan can do to help! Give Dr. Bass a call today to set up an appointment. If you just can’t stand the itch for one more second, we do schedule same day appointments! Take the right step forward and contact us today.