Are your spring shoes bad for your health?

We all have a comfortable pair of shoes we couldn’t live without! Especially shoes we like to wear constantly throughout the spring months. However, these shoes may not be the best choice for your foot and ankle health. They can actually put more stress and strain on your feet than uncomfortable shoes! Some of your most comfy or favorite shoes, such as flip-flops, ballet slippers and pointy-toed shoes can cause harm to your feet, even if they feel comfortable.

The first spring shoes that can cause major damage to your feet and ankles are ballet slippers. These are the worst kind of shoes you can wear. They have absolutely no support for your feet. While wearing them, your ankles can turn either in or out too far. Another offender is flip-flops. These shoes cause the planter fascia to overstretch, causing plantar fasciitis. Additionally, there is no arch support and they throw your foot off balance. Lastly, pointy-toed shoes can cause many problems. These types of shoes force your toes to curl in, leading to deformities, like hammertoes and other abnormal problems such as bunions. If left untreated, surgery may be necessary to alleviate the pain caused by these deformities.

Don’t worry, not every shoe is bad. There are certain types of footwear that do not hurt your feet that severely. Platform shoes can be a good alternative. They are not as damaging to your feet and ankles as ballet slippers, flip-flops and pointy-toed shoes. The biggest issue is having the ability to keep your balance. Since both the front and back of your foot is lifted, they cause less damage.

Do you have questions about your spring footwear? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alan Bass at Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care in Manalapan, NJ or visit our website. We can talk about treating the problems that you have along with proper shoes to prevent the problem from reoccurring.